Is Faruque all set up for his shoot?

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As Rio was fin­ish­ing in makeup, it was time for Bruce to check over his pupil’s start­ing set-up

Less power gives more speed

Bruce says… You need to set up your lights to the low­est pos­si­ble power set­ting you can get away with. This gives the fastest re­cy­cling time, so you don’t have awk­ward waits be­tween shots.

Shoot it both ways

Bruce says… I al­ways shoot RAW, but I also shoot a low-qual­ity JPEG too. They are quicker to load as I check each batch of pic­tures while the model, stylist and makeup artist pre­pare for the next shot.

Go bare­back

Bruce says… You need to watch flare in the stu­dio, so al­ways use my lens hood. Faruque had a UV fil­ter on his lens; I told him he needed to take this off as this will make flare more likely.

Get it white

Bruce says… In the stu­dio I rec­om­mend set­ting the White Bal­ance to the Flash pre­set. With cat­a­logue shoots, get­ting colours pre­cisely right is cru­cial, so I take a grey card read­ing and then fine-tune this WB set­ting.

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