10 things to watch out for

You can en­joy a big­ger win­dow on the world when shoot­ing with a re­ally wide-an­gle lens

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1 Get pro­tec­tion

The bul­bous front el­e­ment usu­ally fit­ted to this type of lens can eas­ily pick up knocks or scrapes. If the lens fea­tures an at­tach­ment thread, fit a low­pro­file pro­tec­tion or UV fil­ter to pro­tect it.

2 Af­ter dark

One prob­lem with a pro­tec­tive fil­ter is that it can cause ghost­ing in night shots with bright city lights or the moon in the sky. In these cir­cum­stances, it’s bet­ter not to use one.

3 Don’t stack

Avoid stack­ing screw-in fil­ters – a UV fil­ter topped with a grad, for ex­am­ple – as this can cause ex­treme vi­gnetting with wide-an­gle lenses.

4 No fil­ter thread?

Cre­ative fil­ters like ND grads are hard to use on lenses with built-in hoods as these usu­ally lack a fil­ter thread. You’ll gen­er­ally need to take a DIY ap­proach to at­tach­ing fil­ter hold­ers with gaffer tape.

5 Bet­ter cor­ner­ing

Wide lenses tend to give bet­ter cor­ner sharp­ness and less vi­gnetting if you nar­row the aper­ture to be­tween f/8 and f/16.

6 In deep

Due to their very short fo­cal lengths, wide lenses give a big depth of field, even at fairly large aper­tures.

7 Move closer

Shoot­ing from very close to a sub­ject can mas­sively ex­ag­ger­ate per­spec­tive ef­fects, for funky-look­ing re­sults.

8 Look, no feet

With ul­tra-wide an­gles of view, it’s easy to end up with your feet in­trud­ing into the pic­ture when shoot­ing down­wards. Try switch­ing to Live View and hold­ing the cam­era at arm’s length to com­pose your shot.

9 DX de­lights

If you’re cur­rently us­ing a DX body but plan on up­grad­ing to a full-frame cam­era, an FX lens like the Nikon 18-35mm can serve well as a stan­dard zoom in the mean­time.

10 Con­stant aper­ture

Zoom lenses that have a con­stan­ta­per­ture de­sign are costlier, but are eas­ier to use in man­ual shoot­ing mode as the wide aper­tures re­main fixed through­out the en­tire zoom range.

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