Nikon AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED

£1315, $2000

NPhoto - - Test Team -

This pro-qual­ity lens aims to be a heavy­weight cham­pion with mighty wide-an­gle cov­er­age Com­pared with the other Nikon zoom lenses on test, this one pushes the max­i­mum view­ing an­gle to 114 de­grees, only los­ing out in this re­spect to the Sigma 12-24mm. How­ever, it beats the Sigma in terms of its con­stant-aper­ture f/2.8 de­sign, which makes the Nikon more than a stop faster at the short end of the zoom range, and two full stops faster at the long end. It’s also a stop faster than the con­stant-aper­ture Nikon 1835mm lens.

These en­hance­ments come at a price, and not just in fi­nan­cial terms. As well as be­ing the most ex­pen­sive zoom lens in the group, it’s also the big­gest and heav­i­est, with a mas­sively bul­bous front el­e­ment. As such, the lens hood is a fixed, built-in de­sign that, as with the Sigma 12-24mm and Tok­ina 16-28mm zoom lenses, pro­hibits the easy use of fil­ters.


Aut­o­fo­cus is in­cred­i­bly fast – it’s no­tice­ably more rapid than in any other of the lenses on test. Cen­tre sharp­ness is very good, even at the widest avail­able aper­ture. More im­pres­sively, con­sid­er­ing the ex­tra-large an­gle of view, sharp­ness is re­tained very well into the ex­treme cor­ners of the frame, while per­for­mance is also im­pres­sive in terms of chro­matic aber­ra­tions and dis­tor­tions.

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