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There are some im­por­tant fac­tors to bear in mind when choos­ing and us­ing high-den­sity fil­ters

01 Round or square?

For reg­u­lar high-den­sity (rather than fader) fil­ters, cir­cu­lar screw-in and square slot-in fil­ters are avail­able. For square fil­ters, you need to add the price of a holder and adap­tor ring.

02 Size mat­ters

Larger cir­cu­lar screw-in fil­ters tend to be more ex­pen­sive than smaller ones. The prices we quote are for 77mm fil­ter threads.

03 Fo­cus and ex­po­sure

For op­ti­mum im­age qual­ity with reg­u­lar high-den­sity fil­ters, it’s of­ten best to carry out fo­cus­ing and me­ter­ing be­fore fit­ting the fil­ter. You can then lock the fo­cus in place and slow the shut­ter speed by 10 stops in man­ual shoot­ing mode when fit­ting the fil­ter.

04 Vari­able ben­e­fits

When us­ing a fader fil­ter, it’s im­por­tant not to ro­tate the mov­able el­e­ment of the fil­ter too far. Do­ing so can re­sult in a no­tice­able black cross through the re­sult­ing im­age.

05 Cover the viewfinder

For long ex­po­sures in bright con­di­tions, cover the viewfinder dur­ing the ex­po­sure, as well as when tak­ing light me­ter read­ings.

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