You’ve made some ad­just­ments in Cap­ture NX-D – but where are they?

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01 RAW files

Here’s the folder con­tain­ing all our RAW files. We’ve been shoot­ing RAW + JPEG, so the cor­re­spond­ing JPEGs are in there too.

02 Af­ter ad­just­ing

And here is the same folder af­ter we have made some ad­just­ments to some of the NEF files. Now, if we scroll right down to the bot­tom we see that Cap­ture NX-D has cre­ated a new folder called ‘NKS-PARAM’.

03 The ‘side­car’ files

In­side this folder is a se­ries of ‘side­car’ files, one for each of the RAW files that we’ve edited. You can see that the first part of each file name is the same as the cor­re­spond­ing orig­i­nal im­age, but has the suf­fix .nks

04 In­side a ‘side­car’

These files con­tain the pro­cess­ing in­for­ma­tion saved by Cap­ture NX-D. If you open them in a text edi­tor, you can see that they’re sim­ply a long list of pro­cess­ing in­struc­tions for NX-D to load and ap­ply the next time it opens the im­age. Don’t move them or re­name these files! Cap­ture NX-D needs to be able to find them again later.

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