Take Con­trol in-cam­era

Give your pho­to­graphs more im­pact straight out of the cam­era – Chris Rut­ter re­veals all

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Ex­plore your Nikon’s Pic­ture Con­trols, ad­just them to suit your needs, and save your own cus­tom ones for fu­ture use

Found on the Shoot­ing menu, Pic­ture Con­trols al­ter the in-cam­era pro­cess­ing of your im­ages, such as sat­u­ra­tion, sharp­en­ing and con­trast. They are use­ful for giv­ing your shots more im­pact straight out of the cam­era. Un­like the scene modes, they don’t af­fect the cam­era set­tings such as aper­ture or shut­ter speed.

Like many in-cam­era pro­cess­ing op­tions, Pic­ture Con­trols will only be per­ma­nently ap­plied to JPEGs. If you are shoot­ing RAW im­ages, then the Pic­ture Style set­tings will only be ap­plied if you open the file in Nikon’s own pro­cess­ing soft­ware (Cap­ture NX-2 or NX-D), where you can also switch be­tween Pic­ture Con­trols. Pic­ture Con­trols ap­plied to RAW files will be ig­nored by any other RAW soft­ware, such as Light­room.

Pic­ture Con­trols subtly al­ter the way your shots are pro­cessed in-cam­era to suit par­tic­u­lar sub­jects






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