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Not sure where to start with Light­room? Try these sim­ple steps…

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01 Im­port the im­age

Im­port­ing an im­age sim­ply tells Light­room where it is stored on your com­puter. Open Light­room, then click the Li­brary Mod­ule. Ei­ther click the Im­port but­ton and find the im­age us­ing the source op­tions, or sim­ply drag it into the Li­brary in­ter­face. Se­lect the file and hit Im­port.

02 Ba­sic ad­just­ments

Click De­velop from the list of Mod­ules, then go to the Ba­sic panel on the right. Work your way down through the slid­ers. Hav­ing a full range of tones from black to white im­proves most im­ages, so hold Alt and drag the whites slider un­til just be­fore pix­els ap­pear. Re­peat with the blacks.

03 Make se­lec­tive ad­just­ments

Most im­ages will ben­e­fit from a se­lec­tive ad­just­ment. Light­room of­fers three tools: the Ad­just­ment Brush, Ra­dial Fil­ter and Grad­u­ated Fil­ter. Grab the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter from the tool­bar at top-right, drag down from the sky, then knock back Ex­po­sure in the set­tings on the right.

04 Crop and straighten

It’s hard to get crop­ping right in-cam­era. To crop and straighten an im­age, grab the Crop tool from the Tool­bar. No­tice how the panel changes at top-right to dis­play the crop op­tions. Click the straighten icon, drag along the wa­ter­line to straighten, then ad­just the box to crop.

05 Sharpen the de­tails

RAW im­ages will not have re­ceived any in-cam­era sharp­en­ing, so they will usu­ally ben­e­fit from sharp­en­ing with Light­room’s De­tail panel. Scroll down to it on the right, then go to the Nav­i­ga­tor on the left and zoom to 1:1 view. In­crease the Amount and Ra­dius slid­ers to ap­ply sharp­en­ing.

06 Ex­port the im­age

The fi­nal step is to pro­duce the im­age file in a use­ful for­mat like jpeg. Go to File>Ex­port to ac­cess the ex­port di­a­log. If you want a spe­cific print size, set a width and height in the im­age siz­ing op­tions with res­o­lu­tion at 300 pix­els per inch. Pick a des­ti­na­tion and hit Ex­port.

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