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Get amaz­ing re­sults us­ing this sim­ple macro pho­tog­ra­phy set up

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 The set up

Lay down a piece of card (this will en­able you to re­po­si­tion the setup later, and pro­vides back­ground colour) and set a small stand on top – we used a small tri­pod. Peg your bug to the stand, and then mount your D-SLR onto a tri­pod. Po­si­tion your cam­era roughly next to the main setup.

02 Let there be light!

You can shoot us­ing nat­u­ral light only, but watch out for shad­ows if you do. To light our setup we used a LED ring light that fits over the end of our lens, and gen­tly fills in the shad­ows. If you don’t have one of these you can use a cou­ple of torches, but again watch out for shad­ows.

03 Get your cam­era ready

Put your cam­era into aper­ture-pri­or­ity mode and set the aper­ture to f/16. Switch on Live View and frame the im­age up so you’re shoot­ing your sub­ject from a side an­gle. Set the ISO to 100 for max­i­mum qual­ity. You don’t need to worry about the shut­ter speed as the bug is not mov­ing.

04 Fo­cus and shoot

Switch your lens to its man­ual set­ting and turn the fo­cus ring to the min­i­mum fo­cus­ing dis­tance. Move the bug into place by po­si­tion­ing the mat. When you think the eye is sharp, zoom in us­ing Live View, and tweak for ac­cu­racy. Fi­nally, take the shot us­ing a re­mote shut­ter re­lease.

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