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Six ways to en­sure your shots con­vey a pas­sion for fash­ion

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01 Pre­pare the scene

Good light­ing is vi­tal. A home stu­dio flash kit is ideal. You’ll need a space large enough to set up lights, and a back­drop. (We used a roll of blue paper.) Plan the light­ing setup us­ing a stand-in be­fore the model ar­rives.

02 Mind the de­tails

The clothes need to look per­fect. Steam or iron them, and if they’re not a per­fect fit, pin them into place. A stylist or any fash­ion-con­scious friend with an eye for de­tail is in­valu­able. Robyn here was on hand dur­ing the shoot to ad­just clothes and fix stray hairs and other de­tails.

03 Light it right

Be­hind the model we po­si­tioned two flash heads, an­gled back and fit­ted with soft­boxes. An­other flash was placed in front, above and to the left, fit­ted with a cir­cu­lar re­flec­tor. The soft­boxes cre­ated edge light­ing on the model. The frontal flash lit the face and out­fit with hard-edged light.

04 Shoot off-key poses

Look for un­con­ven­tional an­gles and poses that will show off the gar­ments re­ally well. With this un­usual sculp­tural out­fit we worked out an ir­reg­u­lar pose, with direc­tional light­ing to show the folds and con­tours of the clothes, and a rim light be­hind and to the right to light the edge of the model’s face.

05 Ex­per­i­ment with go­bos

Gobo is short­hand for go-be­tween – any­thing you place be­tween the light source and the sub­ject that shapes the light and cre­ates in­ter­est­ing pat­terns. Af­ter a change of out­fit we set up a sin­gle light and placed a blind in front to cre­ate hor­i­zon­tal shad­ows, giv­ing the por­trait a to­tally dif­fer­ent at­mos­phere.

06 Tidy up

Af­ter the shoot it’s im­por­tant to re­touch the shots to make them look their best. Use Pho­to­shop’s Spot Heal­ing Brush to re­move creases and tidy up marks. Spend time pol­ish­ing the im­ages – but don’t change the colours of the fabrics!

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