Nest NT-530H

Lots of sup­port plus flex­i­bil­ity of move­ment

NPhoto - - Test Team -

If you want to shoot wildlife or sport a gim­bal tri­pod head is ex­tremely use­ful, pro­vid­ing sup­port while still en­abling real free­dom of move­ment. Nest’s NT-530H pro­vides this move­ment in both hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal planes, which can be locked in or out as needed. The black car­bon fi­bre fin­ish looks great, and the piv­ots all prove smooth, al­though there is no real fric­tion con­trol. The car­bon fin­ish gives this head a pre­mium look and feel (as does the price), but it re­ally is just a sim­ple yet ef­fec­tive gim­bal head.

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