B] Fine-tun­ing fo­cus

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Ac­cu­rate fo­cus­ing is, of course, vi­tal for sharp pic­tures. So, once you’ve set­tled on the best fo­cus mode for the job (see be­low), switch the AF-area mode to sin­gle-point AF rather than auto-area AF. You can then use the multi se­lec­tor to se­lect a spe­cific AF point in the viewfinder.

Use man­ual fo­cus and Live View’s mag­ni­fi­ca­tion fea­ture for the most ac­cu­rate, but slow­est, fo­cus­ing

Auto-servo AF (AF-A) This de­tects whether the sub­ject is sta­tion­ary or mov­ing, switch­ing between the two AF modes ac­cord­ingly

Sin­gle-servo AF (AF-S) Once the cam­era has achieved fo­cus it will stay locked, as long as you keep light pres­sure on the shut­ter re­lease

Con­tin­u­ous-servo AF (AF-C) De­signed for track­ing mov­ing sub­jects, this mode sees the cam­era con­tin­u­ously ad­just­ing the fo­cus dis­tance

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