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When it comes to com­po­si­tion, Live View has a num­ber of ad­van­tages over tak­ing pic­tures with the viewfinder (and some dis­ad­van­tages, we’re obliged to point out, such as in­creased bat­tery drain and be­ing dif­fi­cult to view in bright light).

First, many cam­era viewfind­ers don’t show the en­tire scene that will be recorded. The D3300’s only shows 95 per cent of the pic­ture, for ex­am­ple. Be­cause Live View streams the im­age di­rect from the sen­sor, it gives you 100 per cent cov­er­age. What you see is what you get with Live View, and this means that you can spot un­wanted el­e­ments creep­ing into the edge of the frame which you may have missed when look­ing through the viewfinder.

Help­fully, a grid made up of hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal lines can be su­per­im­posed over the Live View im­age too. This is use­ful for en­sur­ing hori­zons are level and for po­si­tion­ing the key fea­ture of a photo off-cen­tre ac­cord­ing to the clas­sic ‘rule of thirds’. Many Nikon cam­eras also of­fer this grid over­lay as a viewfinder op­tion, too.

Some images work with the sub­ject in the cen­tre, but try plac­ing them where the grid lines cross for more in­ter­est­ing re­sults

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