Watch out for wide-an­gle dis­tor­tion

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Longer fo­cal lengths aren’t just for get­ting frame-fill­ing shots of skit­tish sub­jects, they also make a big dif­fer­ence to the per­spec­tive in an im­age. If there’s room to step back and zoom in to a sub­ject, you’ll end up with more nat­u­ral-look­ing re­sults.

18mm When a sub­ject is pho­tographed up-close with a wide-an­gle lens, per­spec­tive is ex­ag­ger­ated – fea­tures that are close to the lens look much larger than those fur­ther away. Here, the steps ap­pear much larger than they were in re­al­ity

70mm Take a few steps back and zoom in with a longer fo­cal length to flat­ten the per­spec­tive. Here, the doors are the same size in the frame, but the steps and doors ap­pear closer to­gether and in the cor­rect pro­por­tion

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