Flash mod­i­fiers

Th­ese change and con­trol the qual­ity of the light

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Sof tbo x A soft­box pro­duces a large, soft and uni­form area of light that works well for por­traits and still lifes.

Hone ycomb This fo­cuses the beam from the flash more tightly and helps pre­vent light ‘spillage’ into other ar­eas.

Snoo t A snoots pro­duces a very tightly fo­cused beam of light which il­lu­mi­nates a small area for dra­matic ef­fect.

White um­brella You fire the flash through the um­brella for a soft light source, though there is some spillage. Sil­vered Um­brella You fire the flash into the brolly to bounce it back to­wards your sub­ject for a broad but crisp light.

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