Uniqball UBH 35 & 45

Solid heads that keep hori­zons level when pan­ning to fol­low move­ment

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Tripod heads

£250, $420/ £392, $660


Th­ese clever two-in-one Arca Swiss-com­pat­i­ble ball heads en­able you to level your cam­era and lock it in one plane while still al­low­ing the lens to be tilted up or down or panned. This en­ables you to fol­low a mov­ing sub­ject with­out the hori­zon be­com­ing un­level.

Both heads are machined from aero­space in­dus­try alu­minium al­loy to 1/100mm tol­er­ance and the tension can be ad­justed via a knob. The UBH 45 weighs just 700 grams and is de­signed to sup­port a heavy­weight op­tic like an 800mm f/5.6 on a pro-level SLR while al­low­ing smooth pan­ning and tilt­ing, al­though of course it can also be used with smaller cam­eras and wide-an­gle lenses. Mean­while the smaller, 500-gram, UBH 35 weighs half can cope with stan­dard op­tics like a 70-200mm f/2.8 or 100400mm f/5.6.

On the level

Get­ting the lev­el­ling part of the heads level at the out­set takes a bit of prac­tice, but you will get the hang of it. It’s great to know that once it’s done you can tip and pin the cam­era with­out wor­ry­ing about the hori­zon tilt­ing. Fit­ting an L-plate to your SLR be­fore at­tach­ing it to a UBH head also gives you the same de­gree of con­trol when shoot­ing up­right images.

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