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Pheas­ant shoot Go a step be­yond re­mov­ing the colours – boost them!

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Open the im­age

Open Pheas­ant.jpg. Choose Im­age> Ad­just­ments> De­sat­u­rate. This cre­ates a black-and-white print, but it’s a drab wash of greyscale tones in which noth­ing stands out. Go to Edit>Undo De­sat­u­rate. You can pro­duce a much more effective mono im­age based on the sub­ject’s colours.

02 Cre­ate an ad­just­ment layer

Go to Layer>New Ad­just­ment Layer>Black & White. Click OK. The Prop­er­ties panel dis­plays six coloured slid­ers. Th­ese will ini­tially be set au­to­mat­i­cally to lighten or darken spe­cific colours in the im­age. Lighten the bird’s yel­low plumage by drag­ging Yel­lows to 124.

03 Ad­just the im­age di­rectly

In­stead of drag­ging slid­ers, you can drag on the im­age to lighten or darken spe­cific colours. Click the Tar­geted Ad­just­ment but­ton. Go to the Op­tions bar and set the Sam­ple Size to 3 by 3 av­er­age. Click and drag right on the bird’s belly to lighten the red feath­ers.

04 See your changes

You can see the orig­i­nal colours of the im­age by tog­gling the ad­just­ment layer on and off. This helps you de­cide which colours you’d like to lighten or darken. Here we’ve sam­pled and dark­ened the bird’s cyan feath­ers for more tonal va­ri­ety in the mono­chrome con­ver­sion.

05 Try a pre­set

Al­ter­na­tively, you could speed things up by us­ing one of the Black & White ad­just­ment layer’s pre­sets. The High Con­trast Red Fil­ter pre­set makes the cyans and greens darker. It dark­ens the back­ground as well as the cyan feath­ers, which helps the lighter parts of the bird stand out.

06 To the max!

The In­frared pre­set pushes the yel­lows to 235 so that they fea­ture no tex­ture de­tail. The Max­i­mum White pre­set, which we’ve used here, sets all of the six colour slid­ers to a value of 100, which pro­duces brighter ver­sions of each colour with­out caus­ing clip­ping.

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