Layer-by-layer ad­just­ments

Ad­just­ment lay­ers en­able you to edit your im­age in a non-de­struc­tive way

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Add an ad­just­ment layer

Open the land­scape.jpg start­ing im­age in El­e­ments’ Ex­pert edit­ing mode. As you can see, the sky is over-ex­posed and lacks de­tail while the land­scape it­self is slightly un­der-ex­posed and suf­fers from drab colours. Go to Layer>New Ad­just­ment Layer>Lev­els. Click OK.

03 Choose a brush tip

You’ll no­tice that the mid­tone ad­just­ment has caused the over-ex­posed sky to be­come even brighter. To stop this sec­tion of the im­age from be­ing ad­justed, grab the Brush tool. Click the Brush pre­set picker in the Tool Op­tions and choose a soft round tip with a Size of 300.

05 Se­lec­tive colour changes

You can have mul­ti­ple ad­just­ment lay­ers. Choose Layer>New Ad­just­ment Layer>Hue/ Sat­u­ra­tion. Click OK. Set the Chan­nel menu to Yel­lows and set Sat­u­ra­tion to +27 for more vi­brant veg­e­ta­tion. Boost the Cyans Sat­u­ra­tion to +34 and Blues to +57.

02 Ad­just the con­trast

To lighten the un­der-ex­posed mid­tones, drag the grey mid­tone slider to 1.17. We can now see more mid­tone de­tail, but the con­trast in the land­scape looks a lit­tle flat. Set the black shadow slider to 11. This cre­ates darker shad­ows, which helps darker fea­tures to con­trast with the moor.

04 Pro­tect the sky

Click the Lev­els ad­just­ment layer’s mask. Set the Fore­ground colour to black. Paint on the mask to stop the cor­re­spond­ing sec­tions of the ad­just­ment layer from al­ter­ing the sky’s shad­ows and mid­tones. The white parts of the mask al­low the land­scape to be ad­justed.

06 Ad­just the sky

Cre­ate a new Bright­ness/Con­trast ad­just­ment layer. Drag the Bright­ness slider left to -45 to darken the over-ex­posed sky and re­veal more cloud de­tail. This makes the land­scape look too dull, so grab the Brush tool, click the Bright­ness/ Con­trast layer’s mask and paint over the ground.

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