Ert in­sight Light­room style

NPhoto - - The Apprentice -

Leslie shoots RAW files and then pro­cesses them in Light­room to give them her own char­ac­ter­is­tic style. She likes the look of mono­chrome but doesn’t use a straight greyscale con­ver­sion; in­stead, she adds a sepia ton­ing ef­fect with the Split Ton­ing panel. Here, you choose a tone for the high­lights and one for the shad­ows (split ton­ing) or use the same sepia tint for both. She also adds a sub­tle vi­gnette us­ing Light­room’s Ef­fects panel. In Light­room, th­ese ad­just­ments can be made once and then ap­plied to a whole batch of pho­tos, or saved as a cus­tom pre­set style.

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