A happ y acc ident

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The rea­son for shoot­ing this in to­tal dark­ness is to light the ac­tion purely with the flash. Any am­bi­ent light fall­ing on the ob­jects could re­sult in mo­tion blur, spoil­ing that pin-sharp clar­ity. How­ever, here we didn’t take into ac­count the lit­tle red LED light on the wire­less re­mote trig­ger that we used to be­gin the long ex­po­sure. It’s what’s caus­ing the streak of red at the top of the splash of wa­ter. In this case it added to the ef­fect – a happy ac­ci­dent – but this was pure luck. It shows how im­por­tant it is to take the shot in com­plete dark­ness. Any am­bi­ent light will be added to the flash light and show up in the fi­nal im­age.

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