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Bril­liant but fleet­ing photo op­por­tu­ni­ties can some­times come com­pletely out of the blue – and they can pass just as quickly. Not hav­ing to swap lenses can make the dif­fer­ence be­tween get­ting the shot and miss­ing it.


Don’t be tempted to use a full-frame su­per­zoom on a DX cam­era – 28-300mm FX-for­mat lenses are avail­able from Nikon and Tam­ron, but us­ing them on DX bod­ies gives very lit­tle widean­gle po­ten­tial, with an ef­fec­tive short­est fo­cal length of 42mm.

Long shot

With the 1.5x crop fac­tor of DX-for­mat bod­ies, su­per­zooms with a long­est fo­cal length of 200mm or 300mm work out to an ‘ef­fec­tive’ 300mm or su­per­stretched 450mm re­spec­tively.

Weather or not

All three of the Nikon lenses on test, plus the Tam­ron 16-300mm, fea­ture a weather seal on their mount­ing plates. This is ab­sent from all the other lenses in the group.

Zoom di­rec­tion Man­ual fo­cus over­ride

Full-time man­ual fo­cus over­ride in Sin­gle AF mode is avail­able in the Tam­ron 18-300mm and all three Nikon lenses.

Fo­cus dis­tance

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