Add a cre­ative twist

Cre­ate traf­fic trails

NPhoto - - Night Vision -

1 Get set up Set up your tri­pod in a safe place well clear of pass­ing traf­fic. Look for po­si­tions where the trails of light will be more in­ter­est­ing, such as the cen­tral reser­va­tion we set up on here. Other good spots to try in­clude shoot­ing from a bridge over a road, or at busy in­ter­sec­tions.

2 Set A Long shut­ter speed You’ll need a shut­ter speed of at least a few seconds to al­low time for the ve­hi­cles to pass, so set ISO100 and choose man­ual mode. Use a nar­row aper­ture (f/29 here), then set a slow shut­ter speed, us­ing the ex­po­sure scale in your viewfinder to judge how long it should be. We set­tled for 15 seconds. 3 BE SE­LEC­TIVE If all the ve­hi­cles are a sim­i­lar height then the rib­bons of light will form one fairly bor­ing streak. What we re­ally want is some vari­a­tion in the height of the lights, so wait for buses, lor­ries, am­bu­lances, grit­ter trucks and other tall ve­hi­cles. Ve­hi­cles with flash­ing lights can also look fan­tas­tic, as the flashes are cap­tured as a row of flow­ing dashed lines.

4 Look for curves Ob­serve the move­ment of ve­hi­cles and look for places where their paths curve. In the shot on the right, the curved streaks that made this im­age stand out oc­curred when a bus swerved out from be­hind a de­liv­ery lorry on the left.

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