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Wire­less trans­mit­ters en­able you to trig­ger your Speed­light from any po­si­tion you like. They al­low much more free­dom than sync ca­bles, and are more re­li­able than op­ti­cal slaves. They typ­i­cally fea­ture a trans­mit­ter that at­taches to your cam­era’s hot­shoe, and a re­ceiver that goes on the flash. You can usu­ally set a chan­nel so that the trans­mit­ter and re­ceiver recog­nise one another with­out in­ter­fer­ence from sim­i­lar de­vices. The more ex­pen­sive trig­gers like Pocket Wizards of­fer ex­tra con­trol and fea­tures like through-the-lens (TTL) me­ter­ing, which en­ables auto ex­po­sure, whereas the more ba­sic mod­els like the Häh­nel trig­ger used here re­quire you to set the flash power man­u­ally.

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