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Your Speed­light’s flash du­ra­tion changes based on its out­put. For ex­am­ple, at full power our SB-900 has a flash du­ra­tion of about 1/880 sec. At its low­est set­ting – 1/128th power – the du­ra­tion is an almost in­stan­ta­neous 1/38,500 sec. The lower the power, the shorter the du­ra­tion. For cap­tur­ing split­sec­ond ac­tion you’ll need a dark room. This way the flash du­ra­tion ef­fec­tively be­comes the length of the ex­po­sure, as the am­bi­ent light is neg­li­gi­ble, and shouldn’t af­fect the ex­po­sure.

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