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Edit all your images – even JPEGs – in Cam­era Raw and save time

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Open ’er up

Get the start file from the disc, or down­load it us­ing the link be­low. In Pho­to­shop CC, browse to Bridge.jpg and click Open. This is a com­pressed JPEG file, so it will open in the stan­dard ed­i­tor. To tweak this un­der-ex­posed im­age in Cam­era Raw, choose Fil­ter>Cam­era Raw Fil­ter.

02 Sneak a peak

The his­togram is bunched up at the left, in­di­cat­ing that the im­age lacks strong high­lights. By click­ing the Shadow Clip­ping warn­ing icon at the top-left of the his­togram we can see that many of the shad­ows are clipped; the blue patches in­di­cate ar­eas that will print with­out any de­tail.

03 Brighten things up

To ‘remap’ the un­der-ex­posed mid­tones and high­lights to a brighter value, drag the Ex­po­sure slider to +1.70. The graph will then slide to­wards the right, in­di­cat­ing the pres­ence of brighter pix­els. Push Whites to +12 un­til a lit­tle high­light clip­ping ap­pears as patches of red.

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