01 3D ma­trix me­ter­ing 02 Cen­tre-weighted me­ter­ing 03 Spot me­ter­ing

Here’s a quick and dirty guide to which me­ter­ing mode to use when

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Be­cause it takes sev­eral read­ings across the whole im­age, and also uses the dis­tance from the cam­era to the sub­ject that you have fo­cused on, 3D ma­trix me­ter­ing is per­fect for shoot­ing most sub­jects where the light­ing is pretty even, and the scene is mostly made up of mid­tones. In cen­tre-weighted me­ter­ing mode your cam­era will give a read­ing based on the over­all bright­ness of the scene, but bi­ased to­wards the mid­dle. It’s a half­way house be­tween ma­trix and spot me­ter­ing, so suits sub­jects where what’s in the mid­dle of the frame is a mid­tone. Us­ing spot me­ter­ing suc­cess­fully takes more prac­tice than ei­ther of the other two modes, as it only mea­sures bright­ness from a tiny area. You have to po­si­tion the spot me­ter­ing area very pre­cisely over a part of the scene that you want to be cap­tured as a mid-tone.

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