Can I use my old Ri­coh XR Speed­light 400 safely with my Nikon D5200?

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Chris says… The worry about putting old flash­guns on newer SLRs is that the trig­ger volt­age used by the flash could be much higher than mod­ern cir­cuitry can deal with, which could lead to an ex­pen­sive re­pair. Not all old ’guns have this prob­lem, but I can’t find a trig­ger volt­age for yours to be sure it would be safe.

Us­ing the Ri­coh on the hot­shoe may be of limited use any­way, as you would be forced to set up ev­ery­thing man­u­ally. In­stead, I would rec­om­mend a more mod­ern strobe. My top choice would be Nikon’s SB-700, cost­ing £225/$330.

Don’t throw away your Ri­coh, though. Th­ese old ’guns are great for stro­bist set-ups, when used re­motely and fired by a wire­less trig­ger.

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