Take three cam­eras to a foot­ball match? It makes you won­der how Bob Martin trig­gers them all…

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Can you de­scribe how you work with re­motes at a foot­ball match?

I have a lit­tle by­pass cable and I cable them up if I’m close enough to them; if not they’d be fired via Pocket Wizards. I’ve got a lit­tle foot pedal switch that en­gages or dis­en­gages the re­mote. The foot pedal switch en­gages ei­ther net one or net two. Some peo­ple who are more co-or­di­nated than I am can press the foot pedal when they want the re­mote to fire. I can’t re­ally do that! When the play comes to­wards the end in ques­tion I en­gage that re­mote, when the game goes to­wards the other end I en­gage the cam­era at the other end. Now, I don’t think about when I’m shoot­ing be­cause the re­mote fires when­ever the cam­era I’m hold­ing fires. That’s a stan­dard tech­nique when us­ing a re­mote in a team sport. It’s some­thing I learned from the Amer­i­can guys who shoot bas­ket­ball, where they use tons of re­motes. They just en­gage an end. If you can have three re­motes on a bas­ket­ball net, when the play is at that end of the court you just switch on that set of re­motes. You’re do­ing it when the play is not at its peak mo­ments, so you’re not screw­ing up your hand-eye co-or­di­na­tion from try­ing to do two dif­fer­ent things at once. Have you ever had a re­mote in the back of the net that missed the goal? Yeah, loads. Also, pic­to­ri­ally it doesn’t al­ways work. The thing about re­motes is they give you a sec­ond chance, a sec­ond pic­ture, a sec­ond an­gle. They are an ex­tra. You can never to­tally rely on re­motes. You should al­ways be work­ing on the cam­era you hold.

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