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Brian Burd’s Star Let­ter last is­sue about the Nikon D750’s tilt­ing LCD pro­voked a strong re­ac­tion from many read­ers… No flip for us! I would like to com­ment on the mail from Brian Burd re­gard­ing flip-up screens. Hav­ing suf­fered con­nec­tion fail­ures through the rather du­bi­ous medium of rib­bon-cable con­nec­tors both on one lap­top, clamshell tele­phones and two well-known but dif­fer­ent cam­corders, I agree to­tally with those sen­ti­ments. H. Porcher. Shrop­shire I to­tally agree with Brian Burd. When I first bought my D7100 to im­merse my­self in the won­der­ful world of pho­tog­ra­phy, it was com­pletely price-de­pen­dent. I chose Nikon on a pure value-for-money ba­sis. I was struck, how­ever, by the com­plete ab­sur­dity of su­per­flu­ous and gim­micky ad­dons. I have no use for a video fa­cil­ity. If I had, I would have bought a cam­corder. I also have no need for a flip- up screen. I feel that Nikon could strip down their cam­eras and sub­se­quently ‘clean up’ in the be­gin­ner mar­ket, by pro­vid­ing high­qual­ity, no frills equip­ment. Rob Davies, Holy­well, Flintshire Hmm… I had a Nikon D5000. It was a great cam­era and I re­ally miss the tilt­ing screen on my D7000; they’re so use­ful for go­ing over peo­ple’s heads or get­ting close up to an ant with­out get­ting your knees muddy. As far as this pho­tog­ra­pher is con­cerned this is one “gim­mick” that I miss! Terry Co­ulcher, via email You in­vited com­ments on the tilt­ing screen de­bate. Like your cor­re­spon­dent in the De­cem­ber is­sue I’m a D700 user and have been watch­ing the re­ports and tests of the D750 with in­ter­est. I’ve found the D700 to be very rugged, re­li­able and trust­wor­thy (it even came deep un­der­ground with me re­cently, down an ironore mine). It does have some draw­backs and is age­ing, so I’ve also started us­ing a Fuji XT-1, and find that it sur­passes the D700 in terms of im­age qual­ity. It too has a tilt­ing screen, and far from be­ing a gim­micky toy, it is ex­tremely use­ful in some cir­cum­stances (almost like a waist-level finder from the golden days of medium-for­mat film). My con­clu­sion? I don’t need to re­place the D700 – the Fuji gives me all the qual­ity I need. But if I did want a D750 I must re­spond to Brian Burd’s tirade against the D750. Does he not re­alise that many pros now use D-SLRs to pro­duce videos, and that Nikon has had to pro­duce a cam­era with ex­cel­lent video ca­pa­bil­ity, which the D750 un­doubt­edly has? The tilt screen helps in this re­spect, as many videos are shot at waist level. The screen is also great for shoot­ing over crowds and for low-level per­spec­tives. Dave Heath, West Mid­lands I can­not agree with the com­ments in the last is­sue about the D750’s tilt screen. I have been want­ing one on an FX cam­era and now it has ar­rived. Tilt screens will be on all D-SLRs in the com­ing years. Michael Cadiz, via email From th­ese com­ments (and those in all the other let­ters and emails that we’ve re­ceived) it looks like the strong opin­ions are pretty much evenly split – so it’s a good thing that the Nikon D-SLR range is broad enough to in­clude some­thing for ev­ery­one! If you want a tilt­ing screen, there are cam­eras with them, and if you don’t, al­ter­na­tive bod­ies are avail­able. Di­ver­sity’s great!

The D750 is packed with fea­tures, but one gets all the at­ten­tion!

Un­like the D750, Terry’s D7000 doesn’t fea­ture a tilt­ing screen the tilt­ing screen cer­tainly wouldn’t put me off.

Chris Poole, via email

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