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Ge­orge Cairns shows you how to get your pho­tos into Light­room

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Last is­sue we took you through Light­room’s ba­sic in­ter­face. One of the great things about Light­room is the ease with which you can im­port images into Light­room’s Cat­a­log from a va­ri­ety of sources. As well as be­ing able to im­port files that you’ve al­ready down­loaded onto your com­puter (ei­ther its hard drive or an ex­ter­nal hard drive), you can also im­port them from mem­ory cards and even di­rect from your Nikon.

You’re also able to use the De­velop set­tings to batch-process your images at the same time as you im­port them. This can help re­duce the time you spend in post-pro­duc­tion if you’ve taken a num­ber of pho­to­graphs in one lo­ca­tion, and in iden­ti­cal light­ing con­di­tions, and want to give them all the same ini­tial treat­ment – or if you know you have a ten­dency to un­der- or over-ex­pose, and so al­ways need to tweak that as­pect of your shots.

Note that if you shoot in RAW and have been us­ing Pic­ture Con­trols, you will not see the ef­fects of th­ese when you im­port your RAW file into Light­room. Pho­tog­ra­phers who use their cam­era’s Mono­chrome Pic­ture Con­trol are of­ten sur­prised to open their RAW file in soft­ware such as

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