This high-ISO in­door shot demon­strates some com­mon sharp­en­ing dilem­mas

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A sim­ple In­ten­sity ad­just­ment is of­ten all you need to give the fine de­tail in your shots valu­able ex­tra crisp­ness, but there is a price to be paid, es­pe­cially with images shot at higher ISOs. An In­ten­sity of 50% makes this ISO800 pic­ture sharper, but it re­ally brings out the noise, too.


The de­fault Ra­dius value of 5% is usu­ally just about right, but for shots with more blur or fo­cus is­sues, a higher Ra­dius can help dis­guise the soft­ness. But watch out – see how this higher Ra­dius value has cre­ated edge ef­fects (haloes) around ob­jects and made the tones much harsher.


The se­cret is to stick to rel­a­tively low Ra­dius val­ues and use the In­ten­sity slider to boost sharp­ness. If noise be­comes an is­sue, use the Thresh­old slider to con­trol it… but, again, stick to low val­ues. High set­tings will leave you with harsh edges and smoothed-over de­tail in be­tween.

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