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All lights were tested un­der strict con­di­tions to en­sure an ac­cu­rate com­par­i­son would be pos­si­ble

Each light was set up in our test lab. To test the rel­a­tive power of each light, we fit­ted them with stan­dard re­flec­tors, but no mod­i­fiers, and mea­sured the in­ten­sity of light at a dis­tance of two me­tres. This was done with a Sekonic L-758D Dig­i­tal­mas­ter light me­ter, set to flash mode for the flash heads and in­ci­dent me­ter­ing mode for the con­stant lights. Mea­sure­ments were taken through­out the range of avail­able power set­tings for each light. For halo­gen lights we also mea­sured the light in­ten­sity with dif­fer­ent wattage bulbs (where avail­able) and at ei­ther end of the zoom range. Our ta­ble shows power rat­ings in terms of the aper­ture re­quired for a cor­rect ex­po­sure, us­ing a sen­si­tiv­ity of ISO100 and a shut­ter speed of 1/125 sec. For flash heads, the re­cy­cling time was mea­sured from im­me­di­ately af­ter dis­charg­ing a full-power flash un­til the head was ready to fire again.

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