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When pho­tograph­ing small ob­jects such as toys, you tend to get images with a shal­low depth of field. Fore­ground and back­ground are blurred, and only the toy re­mains in fo­cus. This ef­fect is due to the close prox­im­ity of the cam­era to the sub­ject. When shoot­ing a large sub­ject, such as a cityscape, you tend to be much fur­ther away from what­ever you’re pho­tograph­ing, en­abling you to get ev­ery­thing in the scene in fo­cus.

How­ever, if you shoot a city scene with a so-called tilt-shift lens, you can cre­ate a nar­rower band of fo­cus. This pro­duces the blurred fore­ground and back­ground you get in pho­to­graphs of toys. As a re­sult, ve­hi­cles can look like play­things! How­ever, tilt-shift lenses are very ex­pen­sive, and can also be fid­dly to use.

Us­ing Adobe Cam­era Raw’s Grad­u­ated Fil­ter and Ad­just­ment Brush, you can recre­ate the ef­fect quickly and cheaply, and by pro­duc­ing the ef­fect in Cam­era Raw, you’ll also be pre­serv­ing im­age qual­ity.



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