Learn to spot a mid­tone

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To demon­strate the ad­van­tages of shoot­ing in man­ual mode, Nigel asked Enid to take two shots of these moss-cov­ered rocks, one in full auto mode us­ing ma­trix me­ter­ing, and one in man­ual mode us­ing spot me­ter­ing. In auto mode the re­sult was over­ex­posed, be­cause Enid’s cam­era tried to ren­der the scene as an ‘av­er­age’ mid­tone. By spot-me­ter­ing off the per­fect mid­tone of the green moss in man­ual mode, Enid was able to ad­just her shut­ter speed un­til her exposure level in­di­ca­tor lined up with the ‘0’ on her cam­era’s exposure scale. This ren­dered the moss as a mid­tone, the shad­ows as deep shad­ows and the high­lights as bright high­lights – a per­fect exposure!

ma­trix me­ter­ing

spot me­ter­ing

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