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Nigel says… On a dull, over­cast day, you can usu­ally set a slow enough shut­ter speed to blur the trails of wa­ter­falls, but if you want to cap­ture move­ment in the rapids be­low, or if it’s very bright, you might not be able to set a slow enough speed, even at your lens’s nar­row­est aper­ture. The an­swer is to at­tach a neu­tral den­sity fil­ter to re­duce the amount of light reach­ing the sen­sor, which en­ables you to set a slower shut­ter speed (and so let in more light for a cor­rect exposure). ND fil­ters come in a va­ri­ety of strengths, from one stop up to 10 stops, and they can also be stacked (see page 50). A good start­ing point is a kit with two-, four- and six-stop fil­ters.

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