Step by step Hold up a mir­ror...

Here’s how to cap­ture your best side – twice!

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01 Frame at last

The first step is to take the mir­ror out of its frame, as it will just get in the way of the re­flec­tion. Once you’ve found some­thing to rest the mir­ror on, and some­thing to sit on, it’s worth think­ing about what’s in the back­ground, and what’s go­ing to be re­flected in the mir­ror.

02 Get set up

Set up your cam­era on a tri­pod, with a re­mote re­lease at­tached, and point it roughly where you’re go­ing to be sit­ting – a kit lens set to its long­est fo­cal length is ideal, po­si­tioned so your face fills the frame. It’s use­ful to have an as­sis­tant to help with fram­ing and fo­cus­ing.

03 Find an an­gle

The key is get­ting the an­gle of the mir­ror right – and po­si­tion­ing your­self so that you and your re­flec­tion are as sym­met­ri­cal as pos­si­ble. Ex­per­i­ment with the an­gle of your head, so that it doesn’t look too wide or too thin. Then it’s sim­ply a mat­ter of ex­per­i­ment­ing!

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