How to make a ti me lapse

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We’re mak­ing a time stack here, but see­ing as you’ve got the im­ages for a time-lapse se­quence, why not see how they look as a mov­ing video too? To do this, sim­ply go to File>Open, select the first im­age in your se­quence, then check the ‘Im­age Se­quence’ box at the bot­tom of the Open di­a­log. Hit Open and choose a frame rate such as 30fps, then go to the Time­line Panel (Win­dow> Time­line, CS5 ex­tended or above) and hit the play but­ton. The se­quence will ren­der slowly. Once it’s done, hit play again to view it full speed, then go to File> Ex­port>Ren­der video to ex­port it in a video for­mat.

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