Pro­duce cor­rect colours in im­ages shot under mixed light­ing con­di­tions

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Mixed light­ing

This lo­ca­tion’s mix­ture of sun­shine and dark shad­ows is a chal­lenge for the cam­era’s AWB set­ting. Shad­ows have a cooler (bluer) light than ar­eas in direct sun­light, and af­ter AWB has cooled down the im­age to pro­duce ac­cu­rate colours in the sun­lit ar­eas the colder shad­ows look too blue.

Ban­ish the blues

Click the white bal­ance icon in the Edit pane to open the White Bal­ance pane. Select the Gray Point Sam­ple tool, and click on an area that should be white or grey (such as the flag­pole in our church scene). This warms up the im­age to cor­rect the cool blue cast and pro­duce neu­tral whites.

Get the bal­ance right

Now that we’ve warmed up the cold shad­ows the warmer sun­lit ar­eas look too or­ange. Drag the Fine Ad­just­ment slider left to cool down the im­age over­all – you need to find the right bal­ance, cool­ing down the warm or­anges but with­out mak­ing the shad­ows look too cold.

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