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All tripods were tested under strict con­di­tions to en­sure an ac­cu­rate com­par­i­son would be pos­si­ble

NPhoto - - Test Team -

We mea­sured the max­i­mum and min­i­mum op­er­at­ing heights of each tri­pod (with­out in­vert­ing the cen­tre col­umn, where this was available) as well as its col­lapsed length for car­ry­ing. We also mea­sured the com­bined weight of each set of tri­pod legs and head us­ing elec­tronic scales, and mea­sured the di­am­e­ter of all leg sec­tions, from the widest (top) to the thinnest (bot­tom), us­ing dig­i­tal elec­tronic cal­lipers. We went on to check the ease of use and smooth­ness of all ad­just­ments available in each set of tri­pod legs and heads. To check over­all sta­bil­ity, we used the tripods with a range of D-SLRs fit­ted with tele­photo lenses. We looked for good re­sis­tance to flex­ing through­out the range of op­er­at­ing heights. To gauge steadi­ness in out­door con­di­tions, we switched off sta­bil­i­sa­tion and checked Live View im­ages on the LCD in max­i­mum mag­ni­fi­ca­tion mode (100% view).

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