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Shoot for the stars with Nikon’s first SLR de­signed specif­i­cally for as­tropho­tog­ra­phy

D-SLR £3000, $3797

With its ex­cel­lent re­solv­ing power and noise con­trol, the D810 is pop­u­lar with as­tropho­tog­ra­phers. Its stan­dard sen­sor isn’t the best for cap­tur­ing neb­u­lae, how­ever, and in an in­ter­est­ing – if very niche – de­vel­op­ment Nikon has ad­dressed this with the D810A, which has a mod­i­fied in­frared (IR) fil­ter to make it four times more sen­si­tive to the H-al­pha (656nm) wave­length that these dust and gas clouds emit. The D810A has a na­tive sen­si­tiv­ity range of ISO200-12800 (ex­pand­able to ISO100-51200) and a Long Exposure Man­ual (M*) mode that en­ables timed ex­po­sures up to 900 sec­onds, as well as the usual Bulb and Time modes. To help with fo­cus­ing and com­po­si­tion when shoot­ing in Live View there’s also a new Vir­tual Live View Exposure Pre­view that bright­ens the on-screen im­age.

FIRS T IMPR ES­SIONS: By its own ad­mis­sion, Nikon has re­leased this highly spe­cialised SLR in part be­cause it can: it has the tech­nol­ogy and has seen a gap in the mar­ket. It will be in­ter­est­ing to see if any of this tech­nol­ogy will trickle down to its more main­stream ranges in due course. Watch this space, if you’ll ex­cuse the pun...

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