Not cap­tur­ing the de­ci­sive mo­ment

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In any set of images, one will stand out as the best; the one where ev­ery­thing comes to­gether. This ‘peak’ mo­ment doesn’t have to be some­thing as grand as a gym­nast at the zenith of an elab­o­rate spin: it could be a sub­tle shift in some­one’s ex­pres­sion when you’re shoot­ing a por­trait, for ex­am­ple, or the po­si­tion of clouds in a land­scape shot.

Nat­u­rally, the more frames you fire off in suc­ces­sion, the greater your chances of cap­tur­ing the peak of the ac­tion or the defin­ing mo­ment. That be­ing said, tim­ing is ev­ery­thing; if you see the mo­ment through the viewfinder, then the chances are that you’ve missed the op­por­tu­nity to record it! Try­ing to an­tic­i­pate this mo­ment is key, and start­ing to shoot be­fore it hap­pens will in­crease your chances of cap­tur­ing it.

right Even ‘sta­tion­ary’ shots can show a peak mo­ment. The sec­ond shot stands out be­cause of the po­si­tion of the clouds – the larger one ap­pears to be stream­ing from the cathe­dral’s cen­tral pin­na­cle


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