Not re­set­ting the cam­era

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It’s a good idea to de­velop (and use) a de­fault ‘grab and go’ set-up that the cam­era can be re­set to once you’ve fin­ished tak­ing a se­ries of pic­tures. Do­ing this en­sures that you can change any set­tings from a familiar set of pa­ram­e­ters. For in­stance, if you for­get to re­set any ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion you’ve di­alled in, then sub­se­quently dial in some ad­di­tional com­pen­sa­tion, you may end up with hor­ri­bly over- or un­der-ex­posed re­sults. The same can hap­pen if you haven’t switched the cam­era to your pre­ferred shoot­ing mode or me­ter­ing pat­tern, or if you’ve left the ISO re­ally high.

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