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Start a col­lec­tion

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

Open up Light­room and you can start or­gan­is­ing your pho­tos in sec­onds

01 Make a Quick Col­lec­tion

The Cat­a­log panel on the left of the Li­brary mod­ule has a Quick Col­lec­tion la­bel. To add a set of pho­tos to a Quick Col­lec­tion, click on the thumb­nails of the images you want to gather and press B. Here we’ve col­lected six land­scape-themed pho­tos to­gether in a Quick Col­lec­tion.

03 Set as Tar­get Col­lec­tion

The Quick Col­lec­tion will empty once you’ve added the pho­tos to their own Col­lec­tion. Click on your newly-cre­ated Col­lec­tion to see its con­tents. Right-click the Col­lec­tion la­bel and choose Set As Tar­get Col­lec­tion. Click the All Pho­to­graphs op­tion to see all the pho­tos again.

05 Cre­ate new Col­lec­tions

To cre­ate new Col­lec­tions, click the + icon to the right of the Col­lec­tions panel. You can set any new Col­lec­tions up to be Tar­get Col­lec­tions. You can also cre­ate your own Smart Col­lec­tions to find files that match spe­cific cri­te­ria such as a high ISO set­ting, for ex­am­ple.

02 Save the Quick Col­lec­tion

Go to the Cat­a­log panel and click the Quick Col­lec­tion la­bel. The Grid view will now dis­play the images you gath­ered. Right-click the Quick Col­lec­tion la­bel to sum­mon the Save Quick Col­lec­tion win­dow. La­bel it – we’ve called ours Land­scape Col­lec­tion. Click Save.

04 Paint to add

Now when you se­lect a thumb­nail and press B, the photo will be added to the Tar­get Col­lec­tion in­stead of the de­fault Quick Col­lec­tion. You can also click the Painter icon and set the Paint drop-down menu to Tar­get Col­lec­tion, then click the Painter tool on any thumb­nail to add it.

06 Col­lect by ISO rat­ing

Click the + icon and pick Cre­ate Smart Col­lec­tion. Name it High ISO Speed. Tick In­side Col­lec­tion Set and pick Smart Col­lec­tions. Set Match to Any. Change the Rat­ing menu to Cam­era Info and choose ISO Speed Rat­ing. Choose the ‘is greater than or equal to’ op­tion. Type 300.

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