Get the start file from the disc or down­load it, and try tweak­ing tones for your­self

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De­sat­u­rate the photo

Set the ad­just­ment pal­ette’s drop­down menu to Lat­est Pic­ture Con­trol. Change the cap­tured Stan­dard Pic­ture Con­trol to Mono­chrome. This cre­ates a greyscale con­ver­sion. You can fine-tune the slid­ers in the Pic­ture Con­trol ad­just­ments panel to pro­duce a bet­ter black-and-white print.

Ad­just fil­ter ef­fect

By set­ting the Fil­ter Ef­fect drop­down menu to a dif­fer­ent colour you can lighten or darken tones in the im­age based on their orig­i­nal colour. If you choose Red, for ex­am­ple, it will darken the tones of blues and greens. This helps the flow­ers and the clouds stand out more in con­trast.

Add colour

To change the mood of the mono­chrome Pic­ture Con­trol set­ting you can also add washes of colour, cour­tesy of the Ton­ing pull-down menu. A Sepia set­ting helps add a vin­tage look to our photo. You can pro­duce a more sub­tle sepia wash by drop­ping the Ton­ing Sat­u­ra­tion slider down to 2.

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