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All of the lenses on test come with a tri­pod col­lar – and you’ll be glad of it!

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01 Quick re­lease

Fit the quick-re­lease plate from your tri­pod or mono­pod to the mount­ing foot of the lens’s tri­pod col­lar. Some quick re­lease plates of­fer dif­fer­ent ori­en­ta­tions for cam­eras and lenses, as is the case with the one shown here.

02 On the level

Tri­pod col­lars are es­sen­tial to keep the weight of a big lens cen­tralised, so the tri­pod stays sta­ble. To main­tain bal­ance and sta­bil­ity when shoot­ing up­wards or down­wards at steep an­gles, a gim­bal head is a use­ful ad­di­tion.

03 Por­trait ori­en­ta­tion

An­other bonus of us­ing a tri­pod col­lar is that it en­ables quick and easy swap­ping be­tween land­scape (hor­i­zon­tal) and por­trait (up­right) ori­en­ta­tion, while still keep­ing the cam­era and lens prop­erly bal­anced on the tri­pod.

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