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Be­fore you head off on your trav­els, let Matt Tuf­fin show you how to clean your cam­era and lenses, pre­vent­ing is­sues when you’re shoot­ing

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If you’re plan­ning a long trip abroad, chances are you’re look­ing to en­sure your kit is com­pletely dust-free and ready to go the minute you step off the plane. There are a few sim­ple jobs to per­form be­fore you pack.

The ex­ter­nal ar­eas of your cam­era are sim­ple enough to man­age, as they’re tough and you can be rougher and less care­ful with them than you need to be with the in­side of your cam­era. As long as you’re care­ful enough with sticky sub­stances and food on fin­gers, it’s also ex­tremely un­likely that the body of the cam­era and lens will pick up too much that will af­fect your us­age. That said, it’s still worth wip­ing the cam­era over and check­ing the con­tacts for any ob­vi­ous prob­lems. Any par­ti­cles re­moved from the cam­era body will, clearly, be un­able to get into more im­por­tant ar­eas.

Clean­ing the sensor of the cam­era fills many pho­tog­ra­phers with dread; stick­ing some­thing in­side the cam­era, hop­ing noth­ing will be dam­aged in the process, and then adding liq­uid into the equa­tion will make any cau­tious pho­tog­ra­pher re­coil and want to pay a pro­fes­sional. It’s worth bear­ing in

Clean­ing the sensor fills many pho­tog­ra­phers with dread… keep­ing your cam­era clean isn’t just about im­prov­ing your im­ages, but about pro­long­ing the life of your kit

mind, though, that you aren’t clean­ing the sensor it­self, but the glass fil­ter which sits on top. There’s just as much po­ten­tial for dam­age if the clean­ing is per­formed in­cor­rectly, but you needn’t be so con­cerned about the af­fect your clean­ing might have.

For this, you’ll need a sensor clean­ing kit from Vis­i­ble Dust or sim­i­lar, con­tain­ing sensor clean­ing fluid and swabs. These are dou­bleended clean­ing tools, con­sist­ing of a plas­tic stick with a pa­pery ma­te­rial on ei­ther end. Clean­ing the sensor in­volves wip­ing the swab across the sensor (see right). Just be sure to get the right size swabs for your sensor, as they come in dif­fer­ent sizes.

Keep­ing your cam­era clean isn’t just about im­prov­ing your im­ages, but about pro­long­ing the life of your kit.

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