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We moved to some nearby dunes to take pic­tures of our sec­ond fam­ily in a more nat­u­ral set­ting. Kate ex­plained the im­por­tance of us­ing fill flash in sit­u­a­tions like this – with­out it, the strong back­light­ing would have left us with burned-out high­lights and un­der­ex­posed faces. For con­ve­nience, we used Nikon Speed­lights mounted to the cam­eras’ hot­shoes. Kate ad­vised me to use Auto FP high-speed sync mode as this would en­able me to con­tinue us­ing the largest aper­ture avail­able on my lens in or­der to blur the fore­ground and back­ground de­tails. The fast shut­ter speed that we were get­ting from the large aper­ture would have been too quick for a nor­mal flash ex­po­sure, but high-speed sync gets around this. As for the other shoots, we worked out the ex­po­sure for the am­bi­ent light us­ing man­ual mode be­fore us­ing flash to lift the shad­ows from our mod­els’ faces.

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