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All of the im­ages on this spread re­quired a sturdy tri­pod. When us­ing a tele­photo lens, you are more sus­cep­ti­ble to cam­era shake, which will re­sult in lessthan-sharp im­ages. The longer the fo­cal length, the greater the sus­cep­ti­bil­ity. Also, if your lens has vi­bra­tion re­duc­tion, turn it off when us­ing a tri­pod be­cause the gy­ros in­side will try to sta­bilise the im­age and may cause a slightly soft im­age. If you are in­clud­ing a lot of fore­ground us­ing a wide-an­gle lens, as with the sand dune im­age left, you will most likely need to use a smaller aper­ture. This will re­quire a slower shut­ter speed so a tri­pod is again a must. Close-up im­ages need ex­act fram­ing so un­wanted el­e­ments don’t creep into the frame. A tri­pod will al­low per­fect fram­ing ev­ery time.

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