Sort­ing your Li­brary

You don’t have to rely on the de­fault view: here’s how to cus­tomise it

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Change the or­der

Press G to dis­play the Grid view. Photos are dis­played by when they were cap­tured, with the newer thumb­nails at the top. From the Tool­bar at the bot­tom you can use the Sort pop-up menu to change the way photos are dis­played, such as mak­ing the high­est-rated ones ap­pear at the top.

02 Rate your photos

To rate a photo, click its thumb­nail, then click be­low the thumb­nail to as­sign be­tween zero and five stars. Al­ter­na­tively, you can tap the num­ber keys (1 to 5), or click a suit­able star rat­ing icon in the Tool­bar. You can also right-click a thumb­nail and use the Set Rat­ing com­mand.

03 Take your pick

Dou­ble-click on a thumb­nail (or press E) to take the photo into Loupe view. You can then click the im­age to zoom in and see the im­age at 100% view. You can ei­ther tick the Set as Pick flag icon in the Tool­bar, or the Set as Re­jected flag (this won’t delete the im­age, it will just tag it as re­jected).

04 Re­move un­wanted shots

Use the Sort menu to dis­play Picked photos at the top of the Grid view. Re­jected ones will be greyed out at the bot­tom. Go to Photo >Delete Re­jected Photos. Click ei­ther Re­move (photos will still be on your com­puter but not in Light­room’s Cat­a­log) or Delete from Disk.

05 Fil­ter your photos

Go to View >Show Fil­ter Bar. Tick At­tribute. Click the Pick icon to dis­play photos that have been Picked. You can also dis­play photos that have been rated greater than or equal to a spe­cific star rat­ing. You can re­fine the fil­ter re­sults by click­ing Meta­data and choos­ing an at­tribute.

06 Add a la­bel

The Fil­ter Bar can also dis­play photos ac­cord­ing to colour la­bels. Click the Cus­tom Fil­ter menu and choose Fil­ters Off. This will dis­play all the photos. To as­sign a coloured la­bel to a photo, sim­ply right-click on its thumb­nail, choose Set Color La­bel, and choose a colour from the list.

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