Next-step kit If yo u get se­ri­ous abo ut video , you’ll need this TOO…

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■ Fluid head for tri­pod for im­proved move­ment damp­ing

■ Light­weight, col­lapsi­ble shoul­der rig for hand-hold­ing

■ Medium-an­gle shot­gun mi­cro­phone with wind shield

■ Por­ta­ble sound recorder (there’s an ar­gu­ment for in­clud­ing this item in ba­sic kit)

■ Mount­ing rig for sound recorder and shot­gun mi­cro­phone (at­tached to cam­era’s hot­shoe)

■ Sep­a­rate mon­i­tor. This is some­thing of a lux­ury, but if you plan to shoot video fairly fre­quently, the larger screen is a con­sid­er­able ad­van­tage over a cam­era’s LCD. The bet­ter screens have a peak­ing dis­play to show where the sharp fo­cus is.

■ A sec­ond cam­era. Two-cam­era shots make it pos­si­ble to cut from one view to another dur­ing the same con­tin­u­ous se­quence, and this is very valu­able, par­tic­u­larly in a talk­ing-head shot or an in­ter­view, where the ba­sic set-up is quite static and can be­come bor­ing. This may seem like a big in­vest­ment, but now that most D-SLRs boast video ca­pa­bil­ity, how about us­ing the cam­era you just up­graded from? Or a friend’s cam­era?

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