Use a con­verted D-SLR

If you have a D-SLR spe­cially mod­i­fied for in­frared you can use it just as you would a nor­mal cam­era

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01 Shoot hand­held

With a spe­cially con­verted D-SLR there’s no need for a long ex­po­sure, so you can hand-hold the cam­era and freeze mo­tion. The cost of con­vert­ing is around £250, but you’ll need to sac­ri­fice a D-SLR as the process is ir­re­versible.

02 Find neu­tral

For ac­cu­rate colours, try set­ting a cus­tom white bal­ance by shoot­ing a patch of grass in di­rect sun. This is your neu­tral tone, so sim­i­lar fo­liage will come out with­out a cast. Shoot RAW so you have the op­tion to tweak the white bal­ance later.

03 Fo­cus in Live View

Fo­cus­ing can be tricky for a con­verted D-SLR, so it’s a good idea to fo­cus in Live View so you can zoom in to check your sub­ject is sharp. Me­ter­ing can also be tem­per­a­men­tal, so use Av mode and dial in ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion if nec­es­sary.

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